Namnti + Dinis Wedding in Leeds

Well what a crazy couple of weeks wedding  shooting we had! It went from cloudy to bright sunshine to rain clouds all within the same two weeks. This shows more than ever the importance of a photographer’s ability to adapt no matter the conditions. Sure enough the rain was coming down for Dinis and Namnti’s wedding day, but they didn’t let that stop them from allowing us to capturing some fantastic shots of them having a great time with their friends and family. Some brides are always understandably hesitant about braving the wet weather especially since they want to keep their dress as immaculate as possible after all, much of the wedding day still remains. Namnti was great and up for giving it a go we loved the shots we got, the rain made all those beautiful colours pop and reflect in the street. Thanks for being fearless bride and grooms 🙂Dinis and Namnti