Ruby + Mike Wedding at Nunsmere Hall hotel

One of the reasons I looked forward to this wedding was because Ruby has been a family friend for many years and I enjoy being able to use my love of photography to help those I know. Ruby and Mike had chosen to hold their reception at Nunsmere Hall Hotel, a luxury Edwardian hotel located in the heart of Cheshire. What I love the most about this venue is it’s gorgeous surrounding grounds which are perfect for photos.

Ruby and Mike are one of the most relaxed and easy going couples I’ve worked with, Ruby’s infectious laughter and smile were a pleasure to photograph. This is reflected in the fluidity of the day and everything ran like clockwork. As a nice change to the average English wedding Ruby and Mike decided to do a ‘first look’. This has to be one of my favorite moments from this intimate family wedding, the beaming smile on Mikes face says it all.

The ceremony was held at the local Kingdom Hall located in Northwich. After getting the group photograph outside the ceremony location we headed to Nunsmere Hall for the bride and groom portraits. To say the weather was good during the portrait shots is an understatement, it was perfect, especially for the time of year. While their guests basked in the sun sipping champagne and enjoying all that Ruby and Mike had planned for them, we headed over to some shaded trees where the light was just peeking through the autumn leaves. For the rest of the day I’ll let the photos do the talking.

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