Emma + Peter Engagement Session at Grosvenor Park Chester

I had a great time catching up with Emma and Peter the other week at Grosvenor Park, near the center of Chester. It has some lovely blossom trees that come out in the spring and we were hoping to use these in the photos, as it’s Emma and Peter’s favorite season of the year.  They are a young, fun couple who were up for everything, from lying in blossom to ‘wait while I just climb this tree’ lol. Emma and Peter are having a rustic barn themed wedding which we can’t wait to photograph. Keep an eye out for their wedding post, coming soon.

Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-1 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-2 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-3 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-4 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-5 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-6 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-7 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-8 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-9 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-10 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-11 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-12 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-13 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-14 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-16 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-17 Grosvenor-Park-Engagement-Emma-Peter-15