Noemí + Tyler Engagement Session in Seville Spain

I have an exciting engagement session to share with you all this week. Noemi and Tyler are friends of mine that were getting married in Seville, Spain and asked if I would fly over to photograph their wedding. Now those who have met me know, I absolutely love traveling and exploring new places; it’s one of my passions. So of course I jumped at the idea of getting to photograph a destination wedding, especially in a place as beautiful as Seville. I was also hoping that it would be an opportunity for me to practice my Spanish, I spoke it fluently a few years ago and it was a good excuse for me to brush up a little.

In a freaky turn of weather it rained for the first 3 days I was in Spain, which according to everyone we spoke to was unheard of for that time of year. The day for the wedding arrived and we still hadn’t had an opportunity to do the engagement shoot, so these photos actually took place post wedding. Noemi and Tyler had always wanted pictures of themselves around the city of Seville and asked if we could still go ahead with the shoot, as they had a few days until their honeymoon. Of course we did the shoot, and the images we captured are among some of my favorite I’ve ever taken in an engagement shoot. I hope you enjoy them too.

Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-1 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-2 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-3 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-6 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-7 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-8 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-9 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-10 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-11 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-4 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-12 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-13 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-14[twenty20 img1=”4597″ img2=”4598″ offset=”0.5″]

Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-18 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-19 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-20 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-21 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-22 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-23 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-24 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-25 Seville-Engagement-Noemi-Tyler-26