We love to get to know our bride and grooms and think that it’s so important to find the right fit when it comes to choosing your wedding photographers. With this in mind we thought we’d tell you a little bit about ourselves.

We are Paul and Nat, a husband and wife wedding photography team. We are a little different than most couples, Paul is from the little rainy island that is the UK and Nat is from the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro. This creates a crazy blend of British and Brazilian culture and language which makes for an interesting life together.

We are based in North Wales with Paul having his roots in Cheshire as well as photographing wedding around the world. Paul started photographing weddings first, having over 50 weddings under his belt. Nat then joined later, bringing her own artistic vision to the business.

We both have a passion for travel and had done our fair share before we met but now love to do it together. We have a list of places we can’t wait to visit and are slowly ticking them off our list.

Paul is an 80’s child and a bit of a geek at heart, whereas Nat, is the 90’s and loves beauty and is always watching a series of something on Netflix. She’s also our little social media expert. Other than that, we’re just your regular husband and wife photography team